New TV Shows for LGBT People to Look Forward to in 2018

TV series come out every year and Netflix and Amazon Prime now pump out more and more productions for people. There are some of the top-rated shows that everyone knows about, like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Friends, and many more.

LGBT people and community have are being represented in TV productions and in this article, we are going to recommend some of the top shows in 2018.

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Here is the list to kick back and chill with…

The Fosters

The show has successfully completed its 5 years and is one of the most popular LGBT TV series. It is based on the lives of foster kids, who are getting an education, living together in Los Angeles.

The show has ended and watch out for the spin-off – The Good trouble


It premiered on January 3, 2018 and is also a top pick LGBT people to look in 2018. Based on the story Zoey and her classmate Nomi, in their college life ,they discover the bisexual nature and their identities. Zoey moves from the home to a college life in LA.

The Chi

It also premiered in 2018 and is based on Lena Waithe’s award-winning series. The show also features Alex Hibbert from movie Moonlight, who performed an award-winning character in the movie. The life and storyline immediately turn to the lesbian and LGBT community.

The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

The story of this series is based on a murder case featuring thrilling moments. The show features Gianni Versace’s murder, where Antonio D’Amico is played by Ricky Martin who turns out to be Versace’s lover. Darren Criss plays the role of a murderer featured as Andrew Cunanan in the show.

Queer Eye

A show by Netflix classified as Netflix original and it premiered on February 7th, 2018. The show features the Fab Five where they discuss the rights of LGBTQ and they go on with the social commentary keeping in focus the farm-to-table guacamole.

Here and Now

Produced by the creators of True Blood and Six feet Under, Here and Now is another TV series premiered on February 11, 2018 on HBO. The show features a family, mother father and four children, three of which are adopted from around the world. The show is a lot of queer in the characters for LGBT community and it spices up the show with gay scenes. The show premiered on February 11th, 2018 on HBO.