What is the best website to review films?

When it comes to watching movies, I don’t go for highly paid actors, I always end up disappointed if I pick a movie based on which actor is in the film or who is the director of the film, my phone at the ready, this is my go-to list of sites.

I usually go for the movie reviews from websites that provide us accurate data and offers us expert provided reports according to which I go for watching a movie or many people go for watching a movie by seeing the reviews only.

However, finding the best website for movie reviews is quite annoying, as there are many sites which provide fake reviews and are not able to provide us with the exact data.  So today with this article I would be sharing some of the best movie reviews sites, which I like the most and provides the best data –

1.Rotten Tomatoes

It is the best-rated movies review site, which provides the best and the real review for any movie. This site is quite interesting because it uses an interesting way to tell their users what type of film it is, good or bad.

They say a good review as “Fresh,” and if any movie’s review is not good or up to the mark, then they say “Rotten.” This site is the best and an innovative idea the website owners have found to provide movie reviews. Their site’s reviewing system is so simple, and they provide their users with only two options to rate that movie, and they are one is “Good,” and another is “Bad.” Based on which they collect these reviews and provide users the final result, the last review of the movie.


I love this movie reviewing site, it according to me provides the best adequate data, with the help of which one can decide whether to watch that movie or not. There are no such options for any experts advice. The reviews that you will be going to see will be going to based on their viewers only. The way by which one can review a movie with the help of this site is so simple as we say that old is gold. They provide their viewers with a rating list of numbers from 1 to 10 with the help of which one can review the movie based on how much they liked or disliked the movie. I am following this site for many years, and it never made me feel regret as there were no fake or wrong reviews for any film.


If you are thinking that I am going to talk about Hollywood then no, it is a movie reviewing site, which is one from the best sites. It ranks movies in a top 10 list, with the help of which users can decide which is the most liked movie and which one is not. They rank movies on the basis on reviews only which their website’s users or viewers provide. Sometimes it happens that, if there is some latest movie which gets released within just a few days, some sites do not give any review for that movie. However, this will not happen in this case because you will see that every movie either it is old one or the latest one every single film would be reviewed with the help of which you would be able to make your mind of going to watch which movie on your weekends.

These were some of the best websites, which are highest rated by many users online and I am also personally in touch with these sites, as I check movie reviews from these sites only.

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