Latest Santali Song ‘Hamaar Wala Dance’ Ft. Pawan Singh and Khyati Sharma

Check out latest Santali song ‘Hamaar Wala Dance’ sung by Khesari Lal Yadav. Music video of the song features Khyati Sharma. Lyrics of the Santali song ‘Hamaar Wala Dance’ are penned by Anupam Pandey, supporting vocals by Mohit Chopra, dialogue by Priya Dubey and pluck by Amar Sangam. Music of Pawan Singh’s song ‘Hamaar Wala Dance’ is composed by Vinay Vinayak. Music video is directed by Rakesh Thakar AKA Raka, DOP by Rajesh Rathore & Durgesh Sharma and direction team is Alankar Sodi, Sidharth Singh, Bhupendra Borana & Abhishek Rajvansh. Choreography of the latest Santali song ‘Hamaar Wala Dance’ is done by Dilip Mistry. Executive producer is Alankar Sodi, costume & styling by Vasundhara Joshi and costume assistant is Aayushi Goyal. Watch the video to enjoy Pawan Singh’s latest Santali Hit ‘Hamaar Wala Dance’ starring Khyati Sharma. Check out Santali Etimes music videos section for more Santali songs, Pawan Singh songs, Vinay Vinayak songs, Anupam Pandey songs and Khyati Sharma music videos.

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