Watch: Santali song ‘Chadhal Jawani Jab’ from Santali movie ‘Arjun’ Ft. Mayur Kumar and Shreya Mishra

Check out hit Santali song ‘Chadhal Jawani Jab’ sung by Radha Mourya. Music video of the song features Mayur Kumar and Shreya Mishra. Lyrics of the song ‘Chadhal Jawani Jab’ are penned by Subir Sinha, music is composed by Anil Yadav- Anil Anjana and music video is choreographed by Dilip Mistry & Santosh Sarvdarshi. The song is from Santali movie ‘Arjun’ which is directed by Aamir Siddiqui & Subir Sinha and produced by Subhash Pathakota. Santali movie ‘Arjun’ stars Mayur Kumar, Shreya Mishra, Shivangi, Alok Shree Gupta and Glory Mohanta. To know more about Radha Mourya’s hit Santali song ‘Chadhal Jawani Jab’ from ‘Arjun’ starring Mayur Kumar and Shreya Mishra watch the video. Check out Santali Etimes music videos section for more Santali songs, Radha Mourya songs, Subir Sinha songs, Anil Yadav- Anil Anjana songs, Mayur Kumar video songs and Shreya Mishra music videos.

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