Causes Behind Erectile Dysfunction For Men Over 60

The desire for sex is directly related to manhood. One who does not feel it is not counted as a man, and that is why for every man, his manhood matters a lot. The moment one cannot have an erection in the penis, he cannot go for desired intercourse with his partner, which may lead to trouble in the relationship also. Though it is a purely physical and medical condition, it is also much connected to a mental condition.

Causes Behind Erectile Dysfunction For Men Over 60

Impotence is another name for ED, which is commonly known as erectile dysfunction. ED is the condition where men can achieve or maintain an erection in their penis, which is enough for the sexual satisfaction of their partner. Once in a while, it is common to face ED, mostly in adult males. However, if one faces it regularly, he must seek advice from an expert.

Causes Behind Erectile Dysfunction

Causes of ED

Earlier, experts were blaming psychological problems as erectile dysfunction’s root causes mostly in older men when they are on the aging process. But, recently, medical opinion has changed. When they face a longer time than usual for erectile dysfunction as they age, they need to make it regular by giving medical attention. Apart from that, recent studies have shown that all cases of ED are not psychological. Many physical issues can easily contribute to long-lasting instances of erectile dysfunction, especially in men over 50.

Older men and erectile dysfunction

Erections are greatly influenced by blood vessels. So, older men, with age over 60, may experience erectile dysfunction due to health conditions caused by reduced blood flow to their penis. In this condition, they may face the hardening of arteries, and it can also lead to diabetes. There is another cause as well that is linked to the faulty vein. In men, a faulty vein leads to a blood drain in the penis. Other physical disorders that can result in ED are hormonal imbalances and certain surgeries.

The nervous system entirely controls the processes linked to a blood vessel that leads to erections. So, in some cases, medications taken for other issues can easily interfere with nerve signals that are behind erection. For example, diuretics, sedatives, stimulants, and antihistamines and drugs are taken for high blood pressure lead to a reduced erection. Medications taken for depression and cancer also influence erections.

ED can also be the result of harmful habits like tobacco, illegal drugs, and alcohol.

Younger men and erectile dysfunction

When it comes to younger men, mostly, it is psychological problems that lead to ED. They may face challenges in communication with the partner. Others may be differences in their sexual preferences. These issues can lead to anxiety and tension those results in ED. There are other reasons like depression, fatigue, stress, and low confidence that also influence ED. Some men even face sexual fears, childhood sexual abuse, and rejection from peers can also be the causes behind ED.

Symptoms linked to Erectile Dysfunction

Some of the common symptoms include:

  • Get erections a few times
  • Unable to achieve and maintain an erection
  • Face trouble in keeping the erection for the desired period
  • Decreased sexual desires

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

When you have ED symptoms, doctors start diagnosing other health conditions. They may even check your medical history and ask questions about your sex life. They may examine your penis and testicles. Doctors usually recommend for pee and blood tests for checking diabetes and low testosterone.

For some men, doctors recommend undergoing a mental health exam, as well. The tests can reveal depression, stress, and all other issues linked to ED. An ultrasound test also helps to check the blood flow going towards the penis. Read ED Elixir review and find out the natural methods to cure erectile dysfunction.

Final Verdict

ED can be treated, and there are several proved medications and treatments available. In the majority of the cases, erectile dysfunction can be the result of high blood pressure and other psychological issues. It isn’t easy to understand the circumstances unless the person undergoes specific tests. But once the doctor finds the cause, it becomes easy to suggest the treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. Since there are several treatments available for ED, it is easy to suggest appropriate treatment. Aging is a common cause for ED, and that results in several symptoms in men.

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