Foods That Are Bad For Your Brain And Memory – Don’t Miss!!

Our body derives energy and nutrition from the foods we eat on a regular basis. However, not all foods provide good nutrition, and some of them may contain harmful ingredients that can spoil our health in the long run.

Foods That Are Bad For Your Brain And Memory

According to promind complex customer reviews, when you eat foods that are highly processed and those that contain too much sugar, they can spoil our health in many ways. It can also affect brain function and memory when such foods are used for a long duration.

In the same manner, consumption of alcohol can lead to brain damage in the long run, and it impacts memory even during the short term.

Foods high in sugar

Foods that are high in sugar can lead to high blood sugar levels that increase the risk of several brain disorders like dementia in the long run.

Apart from that, this can also lead to type 2 diabetes in many cases and cause various health complications. Such foods lead to high blood pressure, and this can increase the chances of inflammation in the body.

These things can negatively impact cognitive ability as the brain does not get enough blood and oxygen supply due to such health conditions.

Foods that are highly processed

Most instant and ready to eat packaged foods come in this category, and they are highly processed.

You should cut down on chips, readymade meals, microwave popcorn and other such foods as much as possible to preserve your health.

Such foods are very high in calories and very low in nutrients. They can spoil your health and affect the flow of blood to the brain region and lead to cognitive decline at an early age.

You can replace such foods with fresh foods whenever possible, to get the best health benefits.

Fish foods high in mercury

Mercury is a heavy metal contaminant, and fish foods are the main source of mercury contamination in humans.

When you eat such foods, mercury contamination can enter the brain and kidneys and affect neurotransmission.

This leads to brain damage in the long run, and you should be very careful about eating such foods.

However, fish foods that do not contain mercury are very good for the health of the brain.


Our brain uses chemicals to communicate with different organs, and these neurotransmitters get affected by the consumption of alcohol. It can also impact memory and cognitive abilities by a huge margin. In the long run, alcohol can even cause the brain to shrink, and you will also be at risk of developing dementia and other related health conditions.

These are some of the foods that you need to avoid if you want to have good memory and brain function in the long run. While it is not a big problem if you use such foods once in a while, they can do a lot of harm if you use them regularly for a long duration. Quietum Plus supplement gradually repairs the underlying problem and improves hearing. In addition to just addressing the existing condition, the supplement promises to aid in preventing any impending hearing problems.

Most of these foods are commonly used, which is why you should be more careful about them in the future.

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